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Address and Emergency Contacts

Camp Accommodations

What to Bring?

Driving Directions

Safety and Camp Rules

Can You Help with Fundraising?

Address and Emergency Contacts:

Camp Address

Jamestown 4-H Education Center
3751 4-H Club Road
Williamsburg, VA 23185

Telephone, Internet, Wi-Fi

Full-time 4-H Center staff phones will not be manned during Cue Camp Virginia (CCVA) because of the Columbus Day holiday weekend. Anticipate using your cell phone or a friend’s as a contact number. Cell phone coverage is adequate throughout the camp. Free wireless internet access is available to all camp attendees. See the CCVA Registration Desk for the current internet access code.

Emergency Contacts

While at camp, Cue Camp Virginia Directors can be reached as emergency contacts at the following cell phone numbers:

Maureen Bellamy: 571-296-0543

Virginia Hoang: 703-626-4930

Rosemary Salvi: 703-967-0959

Camp Accommodations

The scenic Jamestown 4-H Center is located on the James River. Lodging assignments will be in either the family lodges or single-sex cabins.

The center has two family lodges, each with six separate 8-person rooms. The rooms are dorm style with four sets of bunk beds per room. Families with fewer than six members may be sharing a room with other campers, depending on camp attendance. Rooms have heating, light, and electrical outlets. There are no refrigerators. Limited floor space is available for playpens or portable cribs. Central male and female showers and toilet facilities are located in each cabin.

The four single-sex cabins have one central shower/bathroom, with an open bay room on each side. Each bay has 8 bunk beds. 

Pillows, linens, towels, and toiletries are not provided by the 4-H Center. Laundry facilities are not available on site. We recommend shower shoes in both types of cabins! 

Meals are prepared by 4-H Center staff and served buffet style in the camp cafeteria. Overnight Camper fees include breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday. Day Camper fees include lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday.


Major historic attractions near the 4-H Camp location make the area a popular tourist destination. There are numerous hotel choices in all price ranges. We recommend that you search online for destinations near “Historic Jamestowne, Williamsburg, Virginia USA”. If you’re staying for the workshops on Sunday morning, we suggest that you request a late checkout (1:00 p.m.) so that you won’t have to rush.

What to Bring?

The early fall weather has been beautiful in past years. Days are warm; evenings can be cool. Check the forecast before you leave for camp to determine if you’ll need rain gear.

Recommended items for your packing list:

Linens and toiletries

  • Sheets (twin) and blanket or sleeping bag
  • Pillow, if desired
  • Towel and washcloth
  • Shower shoes
  • All toiletries, to include shower soap
  • Extra towels if you plan to go canoeing


  • Light clothing for daytime
  • Long pants and sweatshirts or light jackets for evening
  • Closed-toe shoes for children’s group activities (sneakers)
  • Rain gear, if necessary

Comfort items

  • Bug spray
  • Flashlight
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Bring a travel mug and your favorite K-cups to use the camp's Keurig coffee maker
  • Bring a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day
  • Cooler and snacks

Baby Accessories

  • Travel crib
  • Stroller
  • Sippy cup
  • Booster seat/high chair
  • Diapers, wipes, changing pad

Driving Directions

  • From I-64, take Exit 242A (Humelsine Parkway/VA-199 W) drive for 5.1 miles.
  • Turn left onto VA-31 (Jamestown Road) drive for 3.3 miles.
  • Look for Cue Camp sign!
  • Turn right onto Fair Chase and immediately bear left onto 4-H Club Road.
  • Follow 0.3 miles until the road ends.
  • Turn right onto VA-614 and take the first left (at the Cue Camp sign) onto the gravel road leading into the 4-H camp.
  • Follow the road until it ends at the parking lot.
  • Park and enter the large building at the end of the parking lot to check in.

Camp Address for GPS:

Jamestown 4-H Education Center
3751 4-H Club Road
Williamsburg, VA 23185

County: James City County

Safety and Camp Rules

During class time, CCVA staff members will be responsible for children in their groups and will do their best to provide for everyone’s safety; however, accidents can occur despite our best efforts. At check-in, adult participants will be required to sign a waiver for all family members. 

Children under age 18 will be assigned to an age-appropriate group and are not permitted to roam the camp unsupervised when classes are in session. 

Closed-toe shoes (e.g., sneakers) are required for safe participation in children’s activities.

*Parents are responsible for their children at mealtime and at all times that classes/workshops are not in session.

For everyone’s safety, the 4-H Facility does not allow the presence of any animals other than certified working dogs.

How can you help with Fundraising?

Cue Camp Virginia’s parent organization, the Northern Virginia Cued Speech Association (NVCSA) is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (#521263121). Please let us know if we can help you reach out to your company or organization about philanthropic opportunities.

Individual donations can be made to Cue Camp Virginia, or specifically to our financial assistance and scholarship funds, the Roddy McKendree Memorial Camp Fund and the Adam Schuler Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Checks should be payable to NVCSA-CCVA, with the desired scholarship or program shown on the memo line.

Mail donations to:


P.O. Box 2733

Fairfax, VA 22031

Attn: CCVA

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