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Cued Speech Success Stories

How some kids have excelled.

Below are some of the stories from students who have benefited tremendously from Cued Speech in thier lives.

Ann Mochinski

Ann was born with severe-to-profound, bi-lateral deafness. Though much time was spent trying to ascertain the reason behind her deafness, there has never been a conclusive determination. Most likely it was caused by genetic mismatch.

Ann and her parents began Cueing when she was approximately 3 years old. Even though this sounds young, kids who are born deaf should be Cued to as early as the ride home from the hospital. The all-important first couple years of life are extremely rich in language for babies and can sometimes be a determining factor in how large their vocabulary is through school.

Here are some of the fact surrounding Ann's years at school:

Ann attended the three schools in Fairfax County set up for Cued Speech and Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Classses have been a mixture of regular classroom and self-contained classroom. All using a CLT. Some have had assistants, some have not.

Ann preformed well receiving "A's" and "B's" throughtout her academic years.

Some extracuricular activities she has benefited from are:

  • Violin (elementary school)
  • T-ball (elementary school)
  • Girl Scouts (elementary/middle school)
  • Volleyball (middle/high school - Freshman, JV, Varsity)
  • Ultimate Frisbee / kayaking / biking

Ann loves to read and is currently planning on attending NOVA for one year, and then RIT.



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